What Do We Offer to Assist Church Planters?

* Partnership Opportunities with Organizations and Churches

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* Mentoring & Coaching 

We offer two tracks that assist church planters in the church planting process. Click on the pictures below to explore the system & tracks. 

* Family Encouragement

Club Encourage Ministry is a support system for church planters and their families.  We pray for them, love on them, encourage them, share in their needs, and make sure they are cared for. We do this by providing monthly support to the church planter's wife, loving on the kids on their birthday, birthday cards, occasional date gift cards, one-on one visits, a women's retreat, and a family fun day at a local amusement park. 

* Financial Support

Monthly Stipends are given based on Strategy

We will help you put together a Partnership Strategy

Most Planters are Bi-vocational